Sunday, March 04, 2007

In which Obi comes home.

Obi is back!

Obi is a very distinguished old man.

He walked out of the door last Monday, and vanished. We thought he might have gone for good, but he just walked in - very hungry, slightly damp, but otherwise his usual self.


It is a very good reason to :) :) :)


Taiga the Fox said...

That's nice to hear. My cat was once missing for two weeks and I was so nervous, but he came back eventually too. Hmm...although actually I don't have a clue if Obi is a cat, but I suppose he is not your grandfather or something...

miss-cellany said...

Yesterday he was bestowed the virtues of Ganymede on account of his safe return; pure Jedi-ness.
Occasionally he is my grandfather, on account of my other one living in New Zealand and not now being alive - so I tell him the things I would have told my grandfather. Sometimes he appears to be a cat. Mostly he is a grumpy old man who does not like Tink (my muse) and Pete (my petty tyrant), and so spits and cusses.

He is remarkably mellow since his return, he just went into a cupboard with Tink - perhaps it was a confessional.

If he were ginger, I should wear a trench coat, and sit in an alley, in the rain - waiting for a song to begin.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Forgot to say the other day, glad he returned OK.


Box of cornflakes.

Sounds like you got the best of the cosmos after all.