Saturday, March 03, 2007


Our car is broken, very broken, so broke, that it is properly brokEN. What I mean is, that is not a euphemism for, 'not working at the moment'.

Actually, it doesn't bother me too much, as I like buses and walking. All good, unless you need to leave Cornwall - then it becomes very bad because it is a long way to walk, and there is only one train line in and out (that is true!). Last time I travelled by train we were 6 hours late, on account of 1) a branch on the track 2) sheep on the track* 3) a broken down sea wall. I wish that were some blogging exageration but it is not.

*I don't know if there were two sheep on the track or not, they only said some.

When I got home from getting some shopping, I had no cornflakes.

Struggling round Tesco I had a whole box of them, under one arm as they wouldn't fit into the basket. Organic ones. I'm sure I put them through the bleeper thing. But, they were not on the slidey thing when I packed. Even stranger, there would have been no room to put them in the bags that I did bring home - they were all full. So where did they go?

I'm convinced that there is some interdimensional shoplifting place in between the place where you put the basket, the bleepy thing, and the slidey bit where you pack your bags. That is not some X files type conspiracy, just honest confusion. I've lost many things in that space before - the little bits that you only remeber when you get home. Because they were little, I always assumed that It was just me being vague.

However, I now have evidence to the contrary as this box of cornflakes was huge. Where did the cornflakes go?

Perhaps it is my secret Karma, as I did consider stealing a copy of 'heat' (it should never be paid for, only stolen or found). But I didn't. Was the thought enough to cancel out the conflakes? It would seem so.


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

I have the reverse problem - I get home and find stuff that shouldn't have been in my shopping bags. Most of it unhealthy. Strangely enough.

miss-cellany said...

Did you go backwards - from the slidey thing where you pack the bags - past the bleepy thing - then to the basket place?

I might try that, then I would come home with Frosties and Oz might think I was a 'good' mother...

Fi said...

Has anyone else noticed the deteriorating standard of Lidls cereals? The boxes really are tastier than the contents now - and easier to digest.
This is just a random link-in to say 'thankyou' for the blogger friends instructions -took a while, but think I've done it!

Fi said...

Think I've got to do something about that nasty photo that keeps popping up - like delete it or something. Really disconcerting but I thought we had to have it on our profiles for PWR3. Twat that I am!

Taiga the Fox said...

I bought Lidls choco cereal some time ago, because the kids wanted to. I almost broke my teeth and thought I had bought some Pedigree Pal by accident. Well, at least the boxes are colourful.