Thursday, October 04, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

It's not much, but...

Been too long away from this blog. Which, given the situation in Burma over the past few weeks feels like a complete Western indulgence.

I wore a red shirt on Friday, sent whatever prayers I could, but... I feel so useless and so humbled. Except for holding some faith in the power of prayer, what more can I do - although given the beautiful dignity of the monks, I dare not believe in anything other than that all prayers will be heard in someway, somehow.

Here is a Facebook group - watching the numbers grow over the past week has been astonishing. The internet offered a new way for the Burma story to emerge globally.

Last week people were able to communicate with the world - their words and pictures revealed an incredible story. Monks marching. People marching. The junta firing.

It worked too well - Internet and phone connections are now dead.

There are still trickles of news coming out... Now there is a terrifying silence on the streets and the pictures are those of nightmares.

If you follow the links to pictures on the Facebook group, there are some pictures that were posted four hours ago. Putting a link to them here felt too voyeuristic. They left me speechless, sad and wondering how and what can I do?

This is one small thing.

Free Burma!

I've somehow managed to break/cut the picture - but you can read more about the Free Burma blog day on the 4th October here.

Why? If nothing else, perhaps just because we can still log on, still write, still go out on the streets with relative freedom. As further pictures and stories emerge - perhaps enough people trying to do one small thing might raise a big enough shout to be heard.

We can but pray.