Wednesday, March 21, 2007

eco babes

My son often makes the most astute comments, such as 'wouldn't it be better if buses cost 10p and no one needed to use their car' or 'why can't we all have a windmill so we wouldn't have to pay bills'. So this morning whilst making his packed lunch, I was bemused by the following conversation.

me: "Oz where's your water bottle?"

Oz: "I threw it away."

me: "That's a bit silly, why did you throw it away?"

Oz: "It said 'do not refill' on it."

One nil to Mr Asda/Tesco I think.


emapple said...

bastards. Nuff said! x

Jacqui said...

Went into Tesco's today and was stopped by woman trying to get me to switch to Tesco's phone and broadband service. I think they're trying to take over the world.
Then at the checkout the woman in front of me, brought a steam iron for four pounds. I wonder how little someone got paid to put that together.
I think I might start shopping at the Co-op.