Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trago Mystery

Overheard in Falmouth.

Man 1: I reckon it's a conspiracy you know.

Man 2: What do you reckon Trago* planned it?

Man 1: Yeah it had to be them.

* There's no real easy way to explain the dubious pleasure that is Trago Mills, unless you've lost the plot/way/door out whilst there. The phrase "Just need to pop to Trago" is not only beautifully oxymoronic, it is also second only to the internet as a means of procrastination for writers living in Cornwall.

Is there a whole novel in the great Trago conspiracy? What did they plan? I think I'll just 'pop over' there to see if I can solve the mystery...

[The lovely beyceyar normally reports these snapshots, but he seems more troubled by windmills at the moment.]

1 comment:

Jen said...

I think I know what it is - get people to buy loads of tat they don't need that will shortly break/malfunction.

The fiends....