Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Split personality?

I fully admit that in the same day I might read Dickens, then Heat - and enjoy both.

I watch EastEnders and Hollyoaks and hate that people denigrate popular culture as 'opiates for the masses'. Who are we to judge? I'm equally happy going for a walk by the sea or out in the country. Entertainment is what we make it.

I've no shame in admitting that I'm a consumer of culture: popular, unpopular, past, present and future.

But. At times I do wonder if the two sides of me might be a little in conflict.

I went out today with my wicker shopping trolley. Full granny stylee, I love it and, (although it sounds like ten skateboards hurtling down the road) it saves both my arms and the need for plastic bags.

So, off I trundle, to buy wholesome, local, organic veg and bread from the Farmers Market. Feeling even more green and wholesome, I gave Mrs Veg Lady a load of plastic bags and Mr Egg Man a load of egg boxes. Recycling to boot - I trundled away feeling positivley virtuous.

I trundled away into Tesco where there was an 'uber-deal' on Quality Street. As I headed for the queue with my super cheap tin, some kind of reality check hit in.

The contrast between my wicker trolley full of conscience clear, real food was too much of a contrast. I stood there with the lurid Nestle tin of chocolate - and not just any chocolate, this is the 'buy now for Christmas which is so far away kids can't open advent calendars but we wan't you to panic buy, so you will spend even more when it really nearly is Christmas' kind. I looked around me and the shop was chaos - full aisles, no chance of getting near a till. Funnily enough, most people had the super cheap chocolate in their baskets.

I put the tin back.

On the way out, the store detective followed me, trying to get a look in my trolley.


MsAnn said...

I want one of those trolleys...

Split personality - absolutely - I have the city v the sea debate all the time.

Put in terms of shoes, it goes like this; one foot in a welly, the other in a red stiletto.

In other words, how to lurch through life and/or put your back out.

miss-cellany said...

Oh yes - shoes, I know that one. Sparkly heels, and a big boot.

p.s. got the trolley on Ebay..

Jen said...

Here in the uberconsumerville we have the joys of a Fresh and Wild which my friends and I call - How much? (said with a rising squeak at the end of much)

They have those little minitrolly so all the tiny people that have filled Stoke Newington in recent years can start shop-training early.

Airdried organic canberry's flown in from Guatamala anyone?

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Split-personality, or just well-rounded?