Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Un-Birthday and beyond...

I realised that this blog is over a year old now...Despite serious neglect in recent months (I blame Facebook...) it was never through lack of love.

Life was so very different this time last year. I was dipping my toe in, testing the waters, and now I'm out here full time in the wide ocean that is freelance writing.

It's a beautiful place to be though. No regrets. None.

A few weeks ago I did a 'tour' of the country to catch up with old friends from various incarnations of my previous lives (kind of feels a bit like that when I add together all the pieces that have gone to make the adventure so far). One thing that was really heartwarming is that evryone reminded me that my dream, for years and years, was always to be a writer. No one was surprised, everyone reminded me that it was what I'd always said I would do.

And so here I am.

The script needs a re-write. But - it is a complete script, and I'm hoping can only get better. I'm working on a book commission. I can see the sea, boats and Cornish coast from the window where I write.

Take a dream, and double it. Dreams can come true.


Far away said...

Happy belated blog birthday! I realise I haven't stepped by in a while because everything's gone all white and pinky..

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

>>Take a dream, and double it.<<

Ah! Same principle as vodka :) I think I get this dreaming thing now* :)

*and hopefully the dream too...