Monday, November 12, 2007

Then I woke up.

I had a stream of very 'cozy' dreams last night, the sort that leave you feeling like you have been swimming in one of those little chocolate Gu puddings when you wake up.

When I woke up it was Monday morning, which is OK for us freelancers, but not for those who have to go to work 'out there'. Mr A. had to go to work 'out there' and was (I think) a bit upset that I wouldn't tell him what all my lovely dreams were about.

I couldn't really tell him, because in one part I know I was kissing strange boys and I knew that would upset him. Does kissing in dreams count as being unfaithful? I can't see how it does, especially if they are people that you don't know.

That wasn't all of the dream though.

One part did involve eating lots of chocolate.

In another part a producer asked me how much I would like for my script. So I answered, 'A house please'. The nice producer man agreed and gave me enough money for a very large house. After I dropped Oz at school* I walked past lots of big houses, and really thought that I might just be able to go and buy one today.

Hoping that this part might be a premonition, I also bought a lottery ticket this morning*. (Well, you never know..) It did take far less time than the re-write that I know my script needs.

Another part of the dream was being part of a group of friends who just seemed to go form party to party. Not the kind of big silly parties that always leave you wishing you could just go home and drink tea. No, these were small parties full of good people, choclolate, film producers who liked my script and some boys who were nice to kiss.

Then I woke up.

* These things really happened, as in were not part of the dream. The rest of the things I'm hoping will happen. Well obviously not the kissing strange boys bit. Although it would be good to figure out how to kiss for real and make it feel like one of those kisses that you have in a dream.

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Petink said...

nice image - and you have a million things in your life that dont involve me so please try