Monday, December 10, 2007

Tell Me Why...

It is so bloody Monday today.

Head is full of cold.

I wish someone would give freelancers sick pay so that I could dose up on 'magi' cures for colds and go to bed.

Am living in the domestic equivalent of the Cold War.

Can't justify any further procrastination with the 'joy' of internet shopping because I've bought everyone presents and am skint.

Can't go out for a walk because I ordered everyone's presents online and the postman only brings parcels when I go out.

OK, enough moaning, the point of this post was to 180 my head, turn a runny cold into a vibrant blog post so that I could get on and do some work, and stop being so self-indulgent.

I think it might just be that it is one of those Mondays.

Reasons to be Cheerful?

- I am not likely to go out and shoot any one. Because a) I don't have a gun b) It's a horrible thought that anyone would do that anyway c) I've got to wait in for the postman, who won't come if I'm here, only if I go out...

Ever wondered that things might be going round in circles?

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