Monday, April 30, 2007

Through the looking glass

The world seems very Alice in Wonderland at the moment. Everything seems to get bigger and smaller all at the same time.

Weighing up the hideous consequences of Global Warming against the sheer pleasure of feeling sunshine and watching trees in bud. It leaves too many questions.

Yesterday I interviewed two amazing people, both of whom were convinced that we are slip sliding towards a torrent of war and destruction globally. How do I balance that with a belief and conviction that unless I think positively, act positively in what ever ways I can, then in some ways I'm only adding to the bigger problems.

I can't take on the belief of their views when I watch my son playing on a day that was warm enough that he could swim in a river. I know I swam in the sea at this time of year as a kid. Some things don't change.

There's a theory about the Hundredth Monkey - 99 monkeys can learn to do something, but whatever they can do will stay localised. When the hundredth monkey learns to do it, wooosh bang wallop. Critical mass; monkeys everywhere learn to do the same thing.

I've got to keep some kind of faith that we as humans are at about 96 or 97 monkeys in terms of how we are behaving towards each other and treating the planet. Until we get to a hundred everything will look the same and stay the same. But we've got to be close to some kind of wake up call.

Don't really want to think about the other possibility.

On a more mundane level, I'm trying to convince myself that is how it is with pitching. Even if I get the equivalent of 99 rejections or positive but non-committal responses, the 100th will kick in some kind of critical mass, well - enough to create a new perspective and momentum in it all. I think I got the whisper of 99 and a half today. I'm hoping that other half will add on tomorrow.

Meanwhile I face the age old debate of slogging away at the keyboard when I know I'm tired, against sleeping now an getting up really early.

Blogging's just great for putting off those decisions for a while. This screen has become my through the looking glass place - on the other side are a million different worlds and possibilities. All sitting there at the same time...


Fi said...

Keep the faith

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

You're pitching to monkeys?

Hmm, I think I might know where you're going wrong...

Seriously, I'm sure you'll find the hundredth monkey soon.

William said...

You've got to believe in the 100th monkey - or sink. We live in a fragmented world, especially post 9/11 - when what matters, the only way forward, is the melting pot approach

Travis said...

I like this 99 monkey theory. I just hope we're not at the 12th monkey.

miss-cellany said...

OPC - Ah, pitching to monkeys. It all makes sense now...Someone already did the screen play about that (Planet of...) Shame.

William - nice to meet you.

Travis - Hi there. I hope we're at more than 12 too...