Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Thank you to everyone who left a comment here. And here is a beer to say thank you. Well, a beer coupon to be more precise. Just take it to your local bar, swap for your favourite tipple and say it was given to you in good faith, which it was...

It's been one of those days today. The sort in which my faith in beer tokens has been restored.

After months of frustration I found out how to do this which means that I'm one step closer to being able to write about this.

So this has made me smile. So much so, that I'll just try it one more time. Not being able to do the linky thing has been driving me mad for ages, and it was as simple as leaving safari...Also has a lot to do with the sunshine that warmed the ache in my sleepy bones away so gently, and finally managing to bury Mr Resnick in a pastrami on rye at about 3.42am this morning. I hope he's gone, I really do hope.

It's the racing chasing deadlines thing. Part of me hates it, and a very strange part loves the stillness of 3am writing. I've just woken up from a snooze and there is still an allure to just keep typing through the night and into that stillness.

On Friday I fully intend to print off pocketfuls of these beer tokens and swap them for a pint or three of sanity, sleep and vodka. Not neccesarily in that order though.


Taiga the Fox said...

Well done :)
I just ♥ the illustration on your website.

patroclus said...

Well done on finishing! I've felt your pain about Resnick, even though I still have no real idea what Resnick actually is.

I love writing at 3am too, but usually after a few hours' sleep, rather than at the end of the day.

Your website is very slick and very pretty!

miss-cellany said...

Thankyou both, means a lot, in a 3am eternal week. Can barely spell perspective, let alone find it :)

P - apologies if Resnick pain has probably really don't want to know anything else (unless you have specific fascination with early 90s police procedural TV scripts...)

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Website looks great :)

And your Resnick scene, the one we heard in class, was excellent. God, though, I hadn't realise you'd been plotting a DOUBLE episode - seriously, I will forever be in awe of your powers of mental endurance.

Er, yes, sorry about the Resnick pain, too, P. I seem to have been banging on about it for weeks.

Far away said...

well impressed with the blog thesis presentation Miss C!

Also had a peek at your website and will peruse more thorughly soon.


miss-cellany said...

OPC - thankyou just for being lovely. If we don't look behind us, Resnick is gone. Hurrah!

Hello faraway - thankyou too. You are the premier visitor! I thought I'd hidden it until fully proofed following sleep (as you spotted!) - had none, so everything is going a little swirly...

TopChamp said...

Hello - I've not been to visit you for a while and you've posted plenty to read so I had been leaving this til I had a quiet moment.

Finally accepting that this will never come, I've had a look tonight. Quite a lot made me laugh (mainly with your funny son) - some made me think. All I have enjoyed reading.

To summarise: a worthwhile evening's exercise. Good luck with your research. I'd help you out if I could but I am not a writer and purely blog because I quite liked it after signing up to find out Duncan's darkest secrets... Though if he's daft enough to blog about them they'll not stay secret long.

Duncan Heaney said...

There's nothing quite like logging on to classmate's blog to find your own bleedin' sister leaving comments too!

Your website looks great. Much better than mine, but at least I'm better looking.

emapple said...

You're website is looking lovely, really beautiful.


Fi said...

Wow! what can I say? Fab Fab Fab.

All of it.
Your website is so fucking professional, and the samples on it, brilliant. I'll even forgive you the inordinate amount of precious time detoured to your site, cos ''re worth it'.

Please teach me the link-it secrets - after May 11th
(more apocolyptical than Sept in a ground zero kind of way)?

Hope you've recovered from your migraine now,take it easy

katmorgan2 said...

Yeah, thanks Frea. Just looked at your website and seething with jeolousy. Very lovely presentation.
Well done you. Kath. ps. want to learn how to do the links thing.