Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blogs and writers.

This is a very short post to direct anyone (who might be interested) to the 'result' of the writers who blog analysis - it is here.

I thought it was hidden, but cyber space is too fast; far away and patroclus found it, for which I'm very grateful as their comments were a big help :)


patroclus said...

...and very good it is too.

NB as soon as you link to someone, you're no longer hidden. Technorati told me you'd linked to me, and so did Statcounter. In blogworld there's nowhere to hide!

Minx said...

I am a little late to the table but your results are interesting. I wish I had caught up with this sooner - hey-ho.
Having published (traditionally) through the blogs, a lot of my links are with bloggers who have gone down the POD route or are well established (mostly fiction)writers.
I have found that writers do tend to stick together in small bloggy communities, showcasing work and supporting others.
I think that having a blog is almost essential in this very lonely profession.

Fi said...

Top marks * * *