Monday, April 28, 2008

Lollypops and raindrops.

I was late to the world of statcounters with this blog. Somehow thought it would be too complicated. However, now I know things that I should never have known otherwise.

It seems that the majority of 'strangers' stumbling here have googled 'lollypop ladies' and (for some bizzare reason, probably only understood by SEO experts) this post comes up first.

It seemed only fitting to mark this strange Number One slot with a post. I'll never cease to be amazed the wonderfully random world of the w.w.w and google-ness.

Good also to celebrate the real lollypop ladies (and men), not least because they probably all got rather wet this morning.


Taiga the Fox said...

This week somebody arrived at the Fox blog with the search words: "nylon sock blog three goats".

miss-cellany said...

That's just brilliant :)

Which post were they directed to? More to the point, what do you think they were looking for?

Taiga the Fox said...

Sumerians didn't have nylon socks

Well, whatever they were looking for, I think they must have been vastly disappointed.

miss-cellany said...

How could they be disappointed by that? Impossible. Surprised perhaps, but only because they surely, got so much more than 'socks' or 'goats'...

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Some lollipop news for you - who knew there was such a thing as 'lollipop rage'?

Fi said...

I was a lollipop lady once... seriously!

I had to attend a training session (correct lollipop stick procedure when halting traffic) was allocated the necessary hi-viz garb, and set loose on a crossing for primary school kids in Rockhampton, QLD, Australia, late 1993.

Desperate times.

The car fumes sucked.