Friday, April 25, 2008

Reality Check?

Freelancing feels slightly precarious, to say the least, and there are moments when I'm tempted to scurry back to the stability of a salary and stability etc. However, it does have some wonderful moments.

Today I spent an afternoon as a 'Reality Checker'.

Best job title ever, just wish I'd had a badge to pin above my desk to keep my spirits high on cloudier days. I've got a 'pack' of literature that explains my role for the afternoon - and it's there in 12pt Arial 'Reality Checker will...'

Just wonder if there's any chance of making a career out of this? But then I realise that checking other people's reality might not necessarily be the same as keeping a check on my own...


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Reality checker? That's brilliant. I have no idea what that is at all, but that's definitely absolutely brilliant :)

Erm, what is it, exactly?

[being a reality checker, I mean; not reality...]

[Actually, maybe you could clarify that for me too]

miss-cellany said...

Gosh - dare I enter into dialogue with a philosopher about the nature of reality or checking it?

Tim Footman said...

Is it a virtual job?

miss-cellany said...

OPC - quoted from my pamphlet "If they [the reality checker] ask for help or explanation, offer enough to get them started again." Thought you might appreciate the surreal nature of that :)

Tim - strangely enough I was employed to check a virtual reality, so yes. But, I was really there, so no.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

>>Gosh - dare I enter into dialogue with a philosopher about the nature of reality or checking it?<<

I wouldn't worry, all I can remember on the subject is that Kant had something or other to say about phenomena and noumena. Every single time I see the word 'phenomena', though, this comes to mind...

[Shrugs] Still, if you can't beat them... do-doo do-do-doo!

Far Away said...

Hi misc

Here's another pleasant task for a reality checker
- please drop by and complete my survey - only takes a minute. Ta.