Monday, February 12, 2007

Lollypop ladies

So now I know how to link to other peoples blogs life has got a bit more interesting, there's a whole world out there. But, I wonder if there is blogging traffic - could I be a Lollypop lady?

There are several reasons for this:

1) It is a job that I have always wanted to do, out there on the other roads, not here in cyber-ness, well that was not a consideration until now. I do not think that it is a job I will ever have because a) I do not have grey hair b) there are fewer Lollypop ladies (and men) on a proportional rate to 4x4s. There are lots of 4x4s and therefore, fewer Lollypop people.

2) They have a very cool uniform, not to mention the Lollypop itself, but there is no rain on computers, so I could do this job from home or a cafe and never get wet. I do wonder though, quite what the costume for a blogging Lollypop Lady might look like...Would I get the flouro tabards and giant Lollypop? Perhaps it might jus be a case of sitting at home with a Chuppa Chup, or a bag of Harribos - if I'm lucky. With a good dose of crap telly, that actually sounds like a good (and very typical) night in. Oh bring on the dancing Gummy Bears and let's party.

3) I do not want to stop or hold up any traffic, having just pondered the situation, I do wonder if perhaps I would not be very good at the job anyway...

I think that it might be late and I should go to sleep.


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

>>They have a very cool uniform, not to mention the Lollypop itself, but there is no rain on computers, so I could do this job from home or a cafe and never get wet.<<

Kind of like being a writer.

Apart from the uniform and lollypop, obviously. Although, that might be kind of fun... [starts imagining Samuel Beckett sat at a typewriter writing bleak Absurdist plays whilst dressed as a Lollypop Man].

F said...

I do wonder if Waiting for Godot was actually, just an existential frustration created by a) being left at the side of the road having been told that one must never cross the road with out said Lollypop person (if they never arrived that would nearly explain Satre/Beckett and black roll neck jumper school of writing) or b) we just read that into it all, because they got the lollypop costume and we never did..

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Wonderful. We could be founder members of the Lollypop School of literary criticism.


Mark Lawson: You've read this previously undiscovered work by Kafka - what did you think?

The now internationally renowned writer F: [Nods sagely] Lollypop.

Mark Lawson: Ah. OK. Erm, on to the next item, then, I suppose.

Fi said...

"Its a crap job actually - seriously over-rated" says an ex lolly lady.

The uniform's anything but cool; split shifts ruin your day; breathing in traffic fumes shortens your life span without the benefits that things like smoking and drinking have to offer; the pay's laughably bad given that you have to put up with gobshite kids; and no matter what you might think, it doesn't have any street cred.

I'd rather be a writer, any day.