Monday, November 13, 2006

Blank Verse

I feel slightly Bridget Jones about this blogging; as though the intention to write it everyday almost by definition keeps me away from it. Like many a New Year resolution, it fails simply because I put that expectation there. The irony is that once I remember the resolve to write it at a sensible time, like now, I really enjoy it.
The bigger irony is that in so many other, I'm writing more than ever. The self discipline that was so lacking has emerged from some where been a long haul but I've never been happier.
Finally wrote my first piece of blank verse.
After years of teaching Shakespeare and demystifying blank verse to Years 7 to 13 it was my turn. I remember bouncing up and down in the classroom and getting very excited, whilst explaining just why we 'still read some dead bloke' because 'he's a genius' and 'blank verse is great'; so when asked to write a soliloquy it kind of seemed rude not to at least try it.
Well, it was a challenge and I'm still not entirely convinced that my iambics were not occasionally trochaics, but I kind of had fun. Reading something back in blank verse creates a real sense of achievement; there is a beauty in the challenge of the form. i worry that it may come across as slightly pretentious to even try it - but what is this year if not a time to stretch everything that I know about writing to the limit. I know what motivated me and that is enough.
Whether or not it was 'good' blank verse, is open to speculation. What I do know is that there is a beautiful alchemy that takes place with words when you approach them with such precision. They take on a life and shape when placed together so carefully that has really surprised and delighted me.
Such random things words; they have so much power. Stretching a little further in to find ways to make them dance in a certain pattern is a joy.

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