Sunday, October 29, 2006

Phil Mitchell

I often wonder what I would say to Emily Bronte should I have the chance to meet her. Along with Gandi, Elvis, and Angela Carter she would be on my 'fantasy' dinner table list. I'd like to ask the obvious; what prompted Heathcliffe? I could then end those undergrad 'autobiographical reading' debates once and for all. But I do wonder what she was like as a woman and whether she felt a sense of accomplishment before she died.
Phil Mitchell would not be on my dinner list. However, I did see him in a bar the other day. I use his screen name, to avoid any legal issues and because he seemed synonymous with the character. It was a hard choice; take a photo and get my name in 'heat', or blatantly ask him for any leads about writing for East Enders.
I do want to write for Enders, there's a sense of pride that I want to gain from seeing my name roll on the credits alongside that music. For a writer it's a kind of stable income, but the real goal is to, one day, make Peggy Mitchell say 'its on the 'ouse'. Don't ask me why, I just do.
So, after a few more glasses of wine, I ditched the 'heat' idea, and went over to introduce myself. I outlined my situation and ambition, but was stunned when Phil said in his best cockney RSC voice "Do you mean it's on the House?" (with a very big H). His friends (who I'm sure were really extras from The Arches) didn't even glance up. He asked for my number and said he'd call the next day. I left my card and went back to my friends.
Funily enough, he still hasn't phoned..

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