Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Defying (the laws of) Gravity.

EXT: Miss-C sits on doorstep in early morning sunbeams with cup of hot coffee.

Enter: First Bumble bee of the summer. Fuzzy and yellow, it stops to drink from lavender flowers.

M-C: Smiles.


Jen said...

Aw that sounds luverly.



Fi said...

randomly clicked on my blogger dashboard today (first time in months and months) only to discover that the previous post I'd written was exactly a year ago... freaky!

so of course, had to see what you've been up to, you busy little bee you!

which led to me clicking on everyone else's blogs as well, and the subsequent evaporation of an hour and a half... and now I remember why I stopped blogging in the first place!

even freakier, the word verification code was 'wcxfi'


Tobold Hemming said...

Stop messing around and do some proper work.....

And invite all your friends to look at my lovely blog


You know it makes sense......